Guide to Selecting the Right Advocate

Clients can check formal advocates recognized by law by looking at professional organizations recognized by law. Choosing an advocate to solve a problem is the same as choosing another professional profession, because what is needed is quality and service that matches the client’s legal case.

The wrong choice of attorney will have the potential to cause big losses. In addition to the loss of modules such as money, the wrong choice of lawyer may also forfeit the legal rights that should be obtained. It takes caution and thoroughness before selecting and selecting lawyers to deal with legal matters. In order not to make mistakes in choosing lawyers, there are some guidelines on how to choose the right lawyer.

Recognize legal issues and needs

Advocates have the ability in a particular field. If the legal issues you are experiencing are in the form of land disputes, then you must meet a land dispute lawyer, as well as divorce issues, so what you need is an attorney who is experienced in dealing with divorce issues. Therefore, look for an attorney who has experience in a field that matches the legal needs you are currently experiencing.

Find out the background of the lawyer

Make sure that the advocate is really a formal advocate who has a valid application permit, has good qualifications in the field of law, and is not a fake lawyer. After finding the data of the advocate you want to address, consider whether the advocate has an office in the same area, has a good track record including ethics and morals.

After that, make sure the advocate does not participate in legal malpractice, make sure the advocate works in the interests of the client, not only asking for payment but not being able to defend the interests of the client, and which is very easy, the client can contact the Indonesian Advocates Association (Peradi) or other formal association of advocates to solicit the necessary advocate’s advice.

Inquire about the success of the case

Looking for an attorney for legal cases does not only have to be famous and always win in big cases. However, a reliable and experienced lawyer will tackle the case according to the severity of the problem, and the target that the client may achieve is based on law.

To determine the right advocate, the client must ask the success of the advocate in cases that have been handled, because this is important for convincing the client to choose an advocate. Advocates with a good reputation will generally be happy to show clients the success of the cases they have handled.

Choose advocates who have good communication

Not only experience and legal ability, choosing a lawyer who can speak well is a very significant consideration. Advocates who have good communication are suitable for clients who need assistance with a problem or continuous legal services every month.

If the selected advocate cannot relate and speak well with the client, then as soon as possible find another advocate. This is important because considering that continuous legal services will take a long time and so that clients get transparency about the results of the advocate’s work.