Current Guide before Choosing a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce advocates or lawyers really need to defend your rights as seekers of justice. As ordinary people, there are many formal technical matters in the trial that the residents certainly don’t understand. For example, a wife is sued for divorce by her husband. But the wife immediately found a divorce verdict from the court of law without even knowing that her husband had sued her. The trial was also held in his absence.

The wife did not attend court because she did not know and felt that she did not have time to receive a court summons, so that in such circumstances the wife was clearly at a disadvantage. Or it could be that the divorce suit could not be accepted by the judge simply because you were not careful and detailed in preparing the lawsuit, or it could also be that your lawsuit was rejected because you did not have the skills how to compile and present legal and sufficient evidence in front of the court, and still many other formal technical matters.

Here are some guidelines before choosing a divorce attorney:

1. Have an Advocate/Lawyer License

A lawyer can be said to be reliable if he already has a formal license as an advocate/lawyer while on duty. This license is issued by an advocate organization and complies with applicable law. So, make sure that you hand over the problem to a trusted lawyer so that the entire trial process at the legal council can be resolved properly.

2. Experienced

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Sharia must be more reliable in dealing with divorce issues, right? The flying hours of a lawyer will also greatly affect the quality of service that you will receive throughout the legal process. So, make sure the people you appoint as partners in court are those who have legal skills.

3. Professional

Divorce will definitely take up a lot of your time. In some cases, you must also always coordinate closely with lawyers. Make sure the lawyer you choose is reliable enough to deal with problems in court. Also check whether the lawyer is easy to contact solely to ask about the progress of the problem at trial. There is a type of lawyer who is too lazy to just answer the phone of his client, you know.

4. Reasonable Rates

The amount of payment and fees will be announced the first time you ask to use the services of a lawyer. So, make sure the payment they offer matches the quality of service. Don’t let your budget run out just to pay for a lawyer. For this reason, it is important for you to ask clearly the amount of fees that must be paid until the legal process ends, for example registration fees, paperwork, and so on.

5. Has a Permanent Office

To make sure that a lawyer can work properly and not fake, check again if he has an office with a clear and consistent address. Although communication can be done via telephone or e-mail, knowing the address of the attorney’s office is an absolute thing to try so that you are not disappointed and deceived later on.