How to Backup PS3 Games the Right Way

The PlayStation 3, as the most powerful console on the market, and one that uses several advanced technologies, has been a bit of a pain in the side for gamers wishing to backup PS3 games and protect the integrity of their original copies. Its not easy, nor is it cheap, but it is possible to backup PS3 games and play them on the console blog.

The biggest hurdle facing many PS3 owners will be the lack of a blu-ray drive on their computer. Even new computers rarely come equipped with these drives, and the drives are quite expensive as standalone purchases, running over a $1,000 for top of the line models, though cheaper models can be found on eBay and through other online stores for less than $500. The drive is unfortunately a necessity to backup PS3 games.

The next big issue when backing up PS3 games is using the proper software so they’ll be playable on the PlayStation 3 console. Its a rather pointless endeavor to backup games after all if the backup can’t be used (and the fact that game companies and console manufacturers are going to such extreme lengths to curb piracy that they effectively limit consumers legal right to working backups does not sit well with many gaming consumers). The PlayStation 3 has proven to be a particularly tough nut to crack for the hacking community, and as such, there are no options for modding the console to play backups available at present.

Therefore, the only option open to consumers is to embed their PlayStation 3 game backups with the proper files and authentication procedures upon burning, so that the PS3 console will recognize the disc as a legitimate PS3 game. There are only a handful of game copy software programs that can perform this feat, and all of them cost money. These programs are game copy wizard, game copy pro, and copy that game. The money invested is well worth the cost though, being less than the cost of a single game. As this is the only way to effectively backup PlayStation 3 games at the moment, there’s really no other option available to PS3 gamers.

Finally, you’ll want to use good BD-R media, and this too can be quite expensive, pushing $100 for a pack of 20 blank discs. As such, getting good burns to avoid ending up with expensive coasters, is vital. To this end, you should always refrain from using any unnecessary programs when dumping and burning your image files. The more things happening on your computer, the greater the risk of a spike in activity, resulting in the buffer size of your dumping or burning program dropping, and the integrity of the dump or burn faltering. Even one ill-timed spike in computer activity could irreparably damage your image file or disc.

As you can see, it isn’t quite as easy to backup PlayStation 3 games as it is with other consoles. There are specific programs which must be used, and expensive drives and media which must be purchased. The good news is that the drive should last you for years to come, as will the backups, as your PlayStation 3 system will likely be at the heart of your home entertainment setup for years to come.

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